Artist's Statement

Inspirations behind my work include years as an amateur photographer traveling around Europe while a student, focusing on blocks of color and simple images.  Many paintings start as photos of scenes that look abstract but are actually real-life images.  In terms of artists, the biggest influence is Rothko, who evokes emotion and imagination from vivid combinations.  Studying famous works in museums up close, to reverse engineer technique, has also been a steppingstone.  Representational painters like Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso use contrasting colors and brush technique that produce unexpected effects.

Plein air painting is intellectually appealing, but I prefer to photograph reference images, to capture brief moments of shifting light, juxtapose subjects, or later crop out unsightly intrusions.  Also, layering of paint, to produce subtle shading and the feeling of transparency, takes time between sessions for paint to cure.

My painting does not strive to push out the envelope of modern art, to provoke the viewer, or make editorial comment.  The objective is simple: create an image that enhances the life experience of my collectors.  Accordingly, the sizes of the canvas will fit space in the homes of ordinary mortals, rather than museum proxies, commercial space or McMansions.  And the images are intended to be representational enough to let the viewer understand the content,and also let them fill in blanks with their own creativity.

Sunsets and twilight are my favorite themes.  Aside from the fleeting color, each evening is a moment of faith and reflection.  All life on Earth comes from the sun.  Each time it sets, whether consciously expressed or not, we affirm a belief that tomorrow will come.  The flashes of color, side lighting, silhouettes and vivid glows express that moment of faith.  Capturing iton a canvas preserves the sentiment and reflects my gratitude.