A farm boy at heart, I grew up in rural Illinois, in a wholesome family, literally grounded in the cycle of life.  My appreciation for the seasons, open skies and pastoral scenes, trace to my childhood.  As a young adult, I spent years traveling to Europe and across the US, driven by curiosity and a search for beauty.  Being good at math and wanting some of life’s finer material things, I embarked on a career in banking.  Art was an intermittent sideline, when I had moments of calm and visual inspiration.

During a recent vacation in Asia, I had the epiphany that time was suddenly more valuable than money, and I resolved to focus on creating more art.   Fifty years from now, no one will celebrate my expertise in covenant negotiations on a buyout financing.  Hopefully, some of my images will still provide joy. 

While I mostly worked in major cities, home was always adjacent to nature: in the Berkshires north of NY, and now the Central Coast north of LA.

Therefore, in conclusion, a gallery/studio near Morro Bay.